Whirlpool Microwave Door Handle 8169738 - Handle only. 10. with instructions for how to easily replace or repair a microwave handle. … read more The door handle allows you to open the microwave door to pull you food after when it's cooked. Update your appliance with one of our microwave accessories. I have popped the outer trim off but I still have a part covering the bottom screw. OEM Part - Manufacturer #8169738. Quantity: HANDLE ASM BB. Because the inner door panel covers the screws that attach door handle 3650W1A075F to the microwave the door panels must be separated to access the screws and replace the door handle. This manufacturer-approved door handle (part number 3650W1A075F) is for microwaves. However, replacing either an exterior or interior Is the outer handle on your Vehicles broken? Maybe you just want to add chrome or painted handles? Changing the handles is not hard, but it is a little involved. Showing 1 - 20 of 37 Products item 4 Microwave Door Handle, made of plastic, Replacement for numbers WB15X334 - Black 4 - Microwave Door Handle, made of plastic, Replacement for numbers WB15X334 - Black $40. Jul 13, 2017 · Microwave door handles can be put under a lot of pressure, and sometimes they can start to work loose, develop cracks around the connection points, or break free altogether. If the light bulb threads are corroded, or the bulb base is too large, the socket may also need to be replaced. The microwave door handle fit perfectly and was exactly like the original part that had broken. The manufacturer has not supplied the door handle screw specs. C $7. 10 MICROWAVE INCANDESCENT BULB - 40W. Compatible with CGMV173KBA, CGMV173KBB, FGMV173KBA, FGMV173KBB,   Microwave door handle for stainless steel model. Parts Lists and photos available to help find your replacement parts. 5. LG Replacement Part MEB38925704 Has A 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, Designed To Meet Or Exceed OEM Specification. Microwave Door Handle - WB15X10270. Schedule Service. 00 Door Handle (Stainless) for Maytag MMV5165BAS15 Microwave. New Listing Microwave Door Handle, WB15X321 Microwave Door Handle Replacement For GE AP2021139 PS232251 25QBP3821. Fast, same day shipping. Pull the mounting pins out of the hinges. How do I replace the door handle on my GE Advantium Microwave. Open the microwave door as far as it will open. Directly Replaces: WB15X335, WB15X0335, DE92-90022B, 245574, AP2021148, EA232260, PS232260 Buy Genuine Microwave Parts for Haier HMV1630DBWW. More Buying Choices$11. Once removed unscrew the old handle and install the new one. Replacement door handle used for some GE microwave models. Replacing a door handle on most appliances is no big deal but a microwave is not the usual appliance. I did a little research on how to replace the handle and after popping the insert out of the inside of the microwave door, I was then able to remove the two screws that held the outside panel of the door (the part with the glass) to the part with the hinges. Replacing the door is obvious and easy but costs six times more than replacing just the handle. This must be done by a qualified technician. com. If any of the door handles on your Vehicles are broken, you need to replace them or opening and closing the door will be very difficult. If it is metal, use JB Weld! If it is really old and these don't work, replace itsince they are not as pricey as they used to be! Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for GE WB15X10069 Microwave Door Handle Replacement at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products! To replace the handle, you will need to use a putty knife or a flat blade screwdriver to pop the cover off the inside ridge of the microwave door. Microwave Repair. I have looked at the microwave door panel and I am not sure on how to remove the door panel to replace the panel. Great prices, same day shipping and no hassle returns. Directly Replaces: WB15X10020, 769527, AP2021171, AH232100, EA232100, PS232100, WB15X0334, WB15X334. When the microwave door is shut, the door switches close to send power to the microwave. I cannot get to the bottom screw. If this switch fails, the microwave will not start. Directly Replaces: WB15X335, WB15X0335, DE92-90022B, 245574, AP2021148,  A service technician should install this door part because the door contains shielding components. The most common reason for replacing the door handle is if it i Microwave - Handle Replacement Replacing microwave handles requires disassembly of the door, and therefore should be replaced by a service technician. This technique works for most brands and styles. 99 shipping Replacing Discontinued Door Handle part I have an 18 year old microwave oven with a broken door handle. Subject: Replace door handle on GE Spacemaker XL Microwave Model # XXXXX have new handle, front plate, & botton and top Screws---Problem is how to access bottom screw which is in enclosure that houses … read more Apr 30, 2018 · On the rare occasion that you need to replace only the door of a microwave, the process is simple: you’ll need to identify the specific model of your microwave unit, and order a replacement part from either the manufacturer or a third-party website – but the door’s installation can be done quickly. Secure the two choke screws with a Phillips head screwdriver. How to Replace the Door Handle on Your GE Over-The-Range  Comes with small screw in base. Here is a video which shows how to remove the cover choke (#206) to gain access to the screws that hold the handle. Next, you will remove the door. 94$25. 4 out of 5 stars 145. When the blower fan on your Maytag microhood no longer turns on, you'll likely need to replace the blower fan. This part is a replacement handle support for your microwave door. 99 (2) Between $25 and $49. Replacement Door Handle used on some GE Microwave models. Appliances-Repair-Toronto. The technician must correctly test the microwave for leaks in the  This replacement door handle is the exact fit for my microwave & arrived promptly . Keep your products safe inside the unit with this replacement door handle! Microwave Door Handle - Stainless for GE JVM3160RF2SS Microwave. $29. 50 Microwave Grease Filter. $ 193. 8-3/4 & 9-7/8 on center hole Feb 28, 2019 · Slide a screwdriver in the seam between the edge of the door and the panel that frames the window. Microwave Door Handles. Best Appliances Repair services in Toronto GE Spacesaver Microwave Handle Replacement. Glossy black. 3650W1A075F Microwave Door Handle. WB15X10020 Door Handle by PartsBroz - Compatible with GE Microwaves - Replaces AP2021171, 769527, AH232100, EA232100, PS232100, WB15X0334, WB15X334. 9 cu. Set the microwave door back on the bottom bracket, and slide the top pin into the pivot bracket. Less than $24. This door handle is almond. No, you’re not going to spend lots of money. 50 ea. A exploded diagram of the microwave door and its parts should how they fit together would  7 Nov 2009 In reference to your Kenmore microwave, model number 665. Answer Hello Tracy, there are no parts listed for the door assembly (WB55X0937) which has been discontinued and is no longer available. 94. This Solwave P1HANDLE microwave door handle is designed to replace the old or worn door handle that came with your microwave. Manuals & Downloads. 92. WB06X10608 $ 48. net 1/17/2011 8:58:28 AM(UTC) Microwave door handle replacement (Microwave Repair) by Atul 12/23/2010 6:43:28 PM(UTC) GE Microwave door handle replacement (Microwave Repair) by neel72 11/6/2008 3:48:25 PM(UTC) GE microwave door handle More Info. Here is a link to the spare parts guide for your microwave door. Microwave door handles are often damaged because when they are opened suddenly, they can hit cabinets or other appliances made of materials stronger than the plastic the handles are us On the rare occasion that you need to replace only the door of a microwave, the process is simple: you’ll need to identify the specific model of your microwave unit, and order a replacement part from either the manufacturer or a third-party Door handles on a car can get broken or damaged over time or with excessive force. Truck door repair can be put aside because it seems like a pricy and labor intensive repair. 3 Pounds, Manufacturer: Frigidaire more Is your shower door worn out beyond repair — or worse, broken? Replacing it is the next step towards spiffing up your bathroom and keeping your shower accessible. Need to screw the screw back into the handle. There will be hinges in both the bottom and the top of the door. Verified purchase. okay so I’m gonna do kind of a quick review slant tutorial I have the space maker XL by GE that has been over my range for 19 years since I designed and built my own home and wouldn’t you know what the handle broke so we have to go here and get the model number General Electric everything’s good about this microwave except the handle it broke at the bottom and I found this handle on Microwave door switch. 3. 0 out of 5 stars. 125"W x 2"D; Approx. The handle broke off of my Amana microwave hood. Use your knife blade to insert the choke tabs into the slots on the microwave door frame. 20 Cerama Bryte Cooktop Cleaner. Please provide info for replacing door handle on GE microwave model #JVM31) 60DF1WW. 88. 99 Apr 13, 2015 - This video provides step-by-step instructions for replacing the door handle on GE microwaves. Handles - Microwave Door Handles. WX10X300 If the handle broke off, only the handle will need to be replaced. Many car owners find that opening the door from only the outside is impractical and annoying. If you can find a replacement handle for your model at an appliance Oct 19, 2014 · If the handle is plastic, use gorilla glue. Given it's age the odds of a replacement handle seem dim. ft. Approx. Our online tools are here 24 hours a day to help you arrange the service you need. This part is white in color and is sold individually. Product Support & Service. Without the door handle, you won't be able to open and close your microwave with ease. Oct 10, 2011 · So, you go to open the door on your GE Spacesaver microwave and the handle comes right off in your hand! What's a brutha to do? Well, bro, you have two choices: replace just the door handle or replace the entire door. There are two pieces required to make the entire handle for a microwave. I was able to get a replacement while under warranty and GE sent me an entire door, but the issue is back. White Microwave Door Latch Bracket Replacement for Whirlpool 8205451. Brand New. Carefully removed the back plate on the door which could be easily cracked. microwave door handle replacement (Microwave Repair) by jjtuttle@flash. Switching an existing door in your home is easier than you think. Sep 01, 2015 · Door latch screw came out of handle on my microwave. GE black microwave door handleAED73773402 Search by Model or by Part number. You only need to get a couple inches worth of clearance near where the handle is located. Please enter your model code in the above model search bar. 99 - $9. Any adjustment or repair involving the microwave door needs to be followed up by a leak test to make sure of proper fit, operation, and alignment. Samsung countertop microwave models for a seamless, built-in look. You just scorched your frozen dinner and ripped the door handle off your GE microwave, attempting to save it. 50 Microwave Glass Tray. 99 shipping Reading Now Microwave Door Handle Replacement Tutorial GE WB15X337 Spacemaker XL . 99 (17) Between $50 and $74. My Repair & Advice. 75"L x 1. 95 Almost gone +$3. Miaowater Refrigerator Door Handle Covers Kitchen Appliance Handles Decor Protector Fridge Microwave Dishwasher Door Cloth Anti-Static Stains Resistant (Grey) 4. This switch is normally open. Use our interactive diagrams, accessories, and expert repair help to fix your GE Microwave Replacement door handle used for some GE and Samsung microwave models. Jan 25, 2008 · Over time, the heat peels this skin off the microwave handle (see photo below). item 4 Microwave Door Handle, made of plastic, Replacement for numbers WB15X334 - Black 4 - Microwave Door Handle, made of plastic, Replacement for numbers WB15X334 - Black $40. Outer Door Handle Part Number: 56001137. Microwave-Oven-Replacement-Parts . Specifications: Plastic handle with ergonomic grip. The door handle on your Maytag microwave sees daily use to it can eventually wear out and break. Haier Ass'y Door Frame with sturdy grates and Euro-styled handles From doors being slammed to burned on foods, the microwave gets the most wear out of all of your kitchen appliances. 94$19. Both the inner and outer handles may be needed and are sold separately. "kenmore microwave door replacement" & marketplace (87) Only. Shop at the Filters & Parts Store. Removing trim to access screws to remove handle. 92(2 used & new offers) Reyhoar WB15X309 Microwave Door Handle Replacement Part Compatible with General Electric (GE) Microwaves - Replaces AP2623337, 2366, AH232240, EA232240, PS232240, WB04X0123. 6 Mar 2018 This senior (Jan '95) microwave handle broke at the bottom attachment point. In-store: set your location. Fixing / Replacing broken, scratched, or damaged Handle. 4 out of 5 stars 176. 3 Pounds, Manufacturer: Frigidaire more WB15X335 Microwave Door Handle Replacement for General Electric JVM1339WW01 Microwave - Compatible with WB15X0335 White Door Handle <br /> <br />Please note: This is an UpStart Components Brand replacement part, NOT an OEM product. If your door handle is beyond repair, you can easily replace it with a new one. There is an inner door trim on the inside of the microwave door that can come off to expose the screws for the handle. Part #: WB15X20988. Per my googling, this is a known issue for this model but GE doesn't really care. Genuine product manufactured by GE. Its black stainless steel color and finished dimensions are compatible with the same-colored 1. 3650W1A075F DOOR HANDLE-2U 3650W1A075F REPLACEMENT LG / KENMORE Microwave Door Handle Models REPLACES PART# 3650W1A075F, AP4892994, 1312506, 3650W1A07 Microwave Mounting Kit. This trim is held in place by clips built into the trim, ( some older models may also have screws - look for them and remove before going any further ) the tabs on this trim can break easily but with a putty knife and some patience, the trim can be removed to get at the handle Kenmore microwave parts provide sleek, modern styling that will add elegance to your kitchen décor. . Fairly easy fix. 5 out of 5 stars 2,009 $6. Are installation instructions included with replacement part? Thanks! Perfect replacement part. Quality GE Microwave Handle Parts From Repair Clinic. Go ahead and use an explicative… OK, now take a breath let RepairClinic help you get another door handle. Having a helper hold the door in place makes removal of the pins much easier. 99 (13) Reyhoar WB15X10070 Microwave Door Handle Replacement Part Compatible with General Electric (GE) Microwaves - Replace AP3185363, 910807, AH232149, EA232149, PS232149. The motor that rotates the turntable inside your microwave can eventually wear out and stop working. Carefully pry open the panel that frames the window. Fits many models. Replacing the door handle is a repair that should only be completed by a service technician. Frigidaire 5304473830 Microwave Door Handle. You must disassemble the interior of the door to get to the inner workings of I suspect that someone has altered the original mfg specifications and we now have some incompatible replacement handles at least for some microwave models  This is a genuine replacement part . 1,000-Watt White Over-the-range Microwave Replacement Parts. 00 ROTATING RING ASSEMBLY. 28" between mounting holes. 11. Frigidaire (FRIGB) This is a genuine replacement part Microwave-Oven-Replacement-Parts Compatible with CGMV173KBA, CGMV173KBB, FGMV173KBA, FGMV173KBB, FGMV173KBC, CGMV173KBC, Weight: 1. Part #207 is the handle. Use our interactive diagrams, accessories, and expert repair help to fix your Emerson Microwave GE Microwave parts that fit, straight from the manufacturer. Next-Day Delivery*. Call 1-877-959-8688. For example, it took me 3 years to finally put a bulb in the garage door opener so  Part WB15X26821 GE Door Handle (Stainless) for GE Microwaves, genuine GE OEM replacement part. Blower fan. It's Easy to Repair your Microwave. WB06X10625 $ 15. Need to know how to get it back in place - need to know how to take the door aprart to fix the issue. September 16, 2020. $19. Learn how to replace your front door and add instant curb appeal to your home. 5" apart. OEM Part -  Products 1 - 20 of 27 Replacing microwave handles requires disassembly of the door, and General Electric Replacement White Door Handle For Microwave,  Do you have a replacement door handle for this GE profile microwave. No manuals are available for this product. OEM Part - Manufacturer #3B73362F Parts for 110 models of Haier Microwaves. 61659; Removing the oven door, the inner panel, and the door handle : NOTE 10 Aug 2020 Luckily, replacing the part is a fairly simple repair and shouldn't take long at all. 92 Parts for this Model. Replacement Microwave Door Handle - Replaces GE Model #WB15X10020 - Mfg #ERWB15X10020 Hi @rtcoral,. 0 out of 5 stars2. My repair worked out to be a cinch! My microwave looked very funny without it's handle. WB15X335 Door Handle by PartsBroz - Compatible with General Electric (GE) Microwaves (White) - Replaces AP2021148, 245574, AH232260, EA232260, PS232260, and WB15X0335. You may need someone else to hold the door for you while you remove the pins. Directly Replaces: 25QBP3819, WB15X10069, 910806, AH232148, EA232148, PS232148,  18 Jan 2011 I need the instructions for installing the new handle. CDN$9. This is an OEM part sourced directly from the manufacturer. Genuine Product, Whirlpool manufactured the original product for your Maytag MMV5165BAS15. A service technician should replace the microwave door handle because door shielding is disturbed during the repair process and the door should be properly tested for microwave radiation leakage before the microwave is returned to service. Screws must be ordered separately. Replacing a handle on a GE Spacesaver microwave is very simple on some models and somewhat difficult on others but with the help of this page it is easy. Repair your Microwave Handle for less. 4. Countertop microwave ovens have come a long way through the years, and GE . Whirlpool Microwave Door Handle ›. Replaces AP4410887, 1549832, AH2361014, EA2361014, PS2361014. Mar 14, 2011 · microwave door handle replacement Thanks for your help, the door handle change on my Kenmore elite took a few minutes after I had given up (I read another blog that said I needed to contact a service tech $$). Occasionally the handle supports can become loose and damaged, and need to be replaced. Handle holes are 8. Items 1 - 60 of 99 HQRP 2-Pack White Microwave Door Handle Replacement for General Electric GE Hotpoint RCA WB15X335 WB15X0335 AP2021148  Compatible door handle used for some GE and Samsung microwave models. Fortunately, you can replace your glass shower door without the help of a han Replacing a door is a great solution when you have a door that's damaged or warped or you just want to upgrade the quality or style. On some models you simply remove the screws on the opposite side of the door from the handle and the handle is off. Top Rated Seller Top Rated W10259244 Maytag Microwave Oven Door Handle WHITE. Click MORE DETAILS link for specific model coverage. But GE Appliance Parts has the parts and accessories you need to keep your microwave ready for life's busy schedule, including filters to help with efficiency and cleanliness. Integrate a Samsung microwave oven into your kitchen Integrate a Samsung microwave oven into your kitchen interior with this Samsung trim kit. Your Microwave Door Will Likely Need Disassembled And Reassembled To Install This Door Handle. A putty knife worked well. Door Replacement projects are an easy way to transform the look and feel of your home. 69. This will allow you to access the bottom of two screws that hold the arm in place. Not being able to use a door handle on your car can get tricky. They don't involve extensive or costly construction. Lay the choke on the microwave door, and set the choke cover on top of it. It shows an exploded view of the door parts. 365 day right part guaranteed return policy. Ships: 7 to 10 Days. Both the inside and outside door handles are mounted to the door from the inside and connected to the d Door Replacement projects are an easy way to transform the look and feel of your home. WB39X10032 $ 112. Screw the new handle on. 1. All mentions of brand names or model descriptions are made strictly to illustrate compatibility. A sturdy handle allows for easy opening and closing. Find Microwave Handle Replacement Parts at RepairClinic. For example: HLP141E or WD-5100-23 Shopping Cart : $0. Door handle. Yes (5) Price. Suggest you can take the existing screw to a local hardware store and see if they can find a match. You just need to use the old door as a te Grab a partner, because you'll need a second set of hands for this project. ClimaTek Upgraded Replacement for Kenmore Refrigerator Door Handle (2 pack) Emerson Microwave parts that fit, straight from the manufacturer. re: Microwave door handle replacement Posted by Wtodd on 8/7/17 at 12:10 pm to weadjust quote: After you fix it just let your wife keep an eye on the food in the microwave so you don't get cancer Order From Repair Parts Inc LG MEB38925704 Microwave Door Handle Replacement. WB25X10030 $ 11. Turntable motor. Manufacture of the door handle part has been discontinued - not available. Before initia Truck door repair can be put aside because we may assume that it will expensive and troublesome. Parts Lists, Photos, Diagrams and Owners manuals 5304408525 handle - black-5304408525 ap2u replacement for frigidaire microwave - door handle 11-3/16 l x 1-1/8 w. This is an OEM part from the manufacturer. Get it as soon as Tue, Feb 2. You Are Here: Home > A-1 Appliance > Microwave Parts > Handles - Microwave Door Handles Filter By Appliance Brand: Electrolux, ERP Exact Replacement Parts, Frigidaire, GE, Whirlpool . WB01X10298 $ 73. Ft. 99 (20) Between $75 and $99. Needed pliers to hold the broken handle piece to unscrew it. 6 Cu. I have a replacement handle on the way. Microwave oven handles aren't always constructed with the most solid of materials, and repeated use can damage even robust ones. HMV1630DBWW Haier 1. I first started focusing on just one location to pry it open, but that seemed liable to bend the panel. The handle support is the part that connects the handle to the microwave door. Home > Appliance > Microwave. Disassembling the door would involve removing the microwave shielding components. Kenmore microwave ovens are made and serviced by Sears. Be sure to order the right handle for the make and model of your microwave.